The Happy Me Project KIDS

Help your children to be positive and confident little people, learning skills that will take them into adulthood in these powerful visualisations.

With the success of The Happy Me Project online and LIVE workshops, I have had so many requests to create something for our children.

Using these powerful visualisations and affirmation ideas, you can be sure you are giving your little ones the tools they need to become strong and confident young people.

Our children have access to so much these days and knowing we are developing their positive mindsets early, is key to them having high self esteem and us as parents feeling feeling confident that they will make positive choices.

I can tell you are an excellent parent, you really wouldn't be here otherwise and so before you even click to grab your course I want to high five you and say a huge well done. This parenting lark isn't always easy but helping your child to develop these kinds of skills early on really is the best present you could possibly give them. 


 1. 7 visualisations:

  • I am unique
  • I am confident- The Magic Car
  • I never give up
  • I see lots to love
  • I can be anything I want
  • I am strong
  • That thing you'd like
  • A parents guide to visualisation and affirmations audio

2. A printable workbook with affirmations

3. The Happy Hedgehog and The Moody Mouse positive kids story audio

4. A video demo on how I do visualisations with my daughters


*A bonus video from my daughter Brooke (6 years), on her tips to staying happy and positive.


Don't worry, this isn't a stupid question! I'm glad you asked. A visualisation is using your imagination to create a story in your mind that allows your brain to plan to create it (or the feeling it gave you,) in real life.

You see our brains can't really tell the difference between what we imagine and reality, so if we use our minds to create a strong and confident us, it helps us to start making that our real life too.

It is a technique used by lots of famous athletes to prepare for their games/ matches, including Tiger Woods and Muhammad Ali.


These visualisations are aimed at children of primary school age, I use all of these visualisations with my two daughters, Texas who is 5 and Brooke who is nearly 7 and they love getting involved.


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Keep being awesome and make sure to come and say hi to me on social media and let me know how your little one(s) are getting on!


Who am I?

  • A TV actress since the age of 11 (Byker Grove, Doctors, Casualty, The Bill and Waterloo Road)
  • An award winning and Channel Mum (ITV partner) vlogger (yes that is a job!) with 1.6 million YOUTUBE views
  • A Mum of two girls, Brooke and Texas
  • A business and Mindset coach to female entrepreneurs and creatives
  • Amazon best selling author with 'She Made it happen' Book
  • A Speaker
  • I hate mushrooms
  • Huffington Post and Thrive Global content writer
  • I love Law and Order Special Victims Unit
  • Signed to Sony at 18 and appeared on MTV, TOTP's & had a top 40 single (under the name Summer Matthews)
  • High profile supporter of The Brain Tumour Charity
  • I love quotes, reading and swearing (in no particular order!)
  • In July 2017 my husband and father of my 2 daughters died of a brain tumour and everything I fill The Happy Me Project series with, is exactly what I use to make my life great, regardless of the tough stuff life chucks our way.
  • I love my life!





Course Syllabus

The Happy Me project KIDS

7 visualisations to help your children be confident, happy and strong, with a parents explanation audio too. Plus a printable workbook, with affirmations list. Positive Story and visualisation demo video.

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