The Powerhouse Parenting Course-For Muddled Mums

The Powerhouse Parenting Course is a video and audio course for Muddled Mum's. Stop doubting yourself and start living up to your awesome potential!

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This is a 6 video series to help remind you of your own awesomeness and help you to recognise that feeling guilty doesn't serve you OR your children.

As a mum of two girls, actress, blogger, vlogger, Law of attraction practitioner and mindset coach, I want to help you to feel amazing and build a life you love.

Being a Mum is a dam tough job and any support we can give each other , we should!

ENROL now and get access to my supportive female community The Ambitious Mum's Club ( a 1600 strong Facebook group with daily themes and live interaction.

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Holly is like a breath of fresh air. Her emails, blogs and posts are so encouraging. I have got her Powerhouse Parenting Course and I love it!! I have been very low at recent, but when I receive Holly’s emails and I get notifications from her group it really does pick me up! Holly has soo much time for people and has such a positive soul! Her mindset and outlook on the world is realistic and enthusiastic, she really does shine bright above others and I feel very lucky to know her. — Hannah Hewlett, Network Marketer
Working with holly has been an incredible experience. She takes your goals and mindset for this very seriously. Although the sessions are an hour each holly won’t just cut you off if in the middle of something, proving she takes her coaching sessions seriously. Holly genuinely cares about the needs and wants of others and adapts the sessions upon how you’re feeling and what you need from that session. She often messaged me during the 6 weeks to check how I was getting on and was always on hand to answer questions throughout the week. I got so much out of the coaching and eager to re book for another package to further my development. Thank you for your valued time Holly — Francessca West, Mumpreneur
Well what can I say about this amazing, strong lady… I don’t think I have enough space to write it all. Lol seriously though this diamond has not only been a very good friend of mine she has been my rock!! I’ve only known Holly for almost 2 years now and she has had a massive impact on my life. I mean MASSIVE!!! I wouldn’t be the person I am today, if it wasn’t for her… I am so truly grateful for all you’ve done, all you teach Holly. Seriously Massive thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Love you lots Xxxxx — Carrie Doyle, Business Coach