Build your 2021 resilience!

Pre-recorded webinar with printable workbook & FREE meditation. 2020 knocked us around like a pinball, so let me show you ways to 'bounce back and stay on track' in 2021

2020 was a whole heap of something and many of us found ourselves fighting fires left, right and centre, before we get into the thick of 2021, let me give you some tools to use so you can deal with whatever life throws your way.

Maybe this is in your work, your business or your personal life but we ALL need to learn to 'bounce back and stay on track' over the next year.

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In this PRE RECORDED WEBINAR you will learn:

  • How to understand what real resilience is.
  • How to build your own personal resilience and techniques you can use to do that.
  • What a resilient version of you looks like and how to tap into that.
  • How to work out what trips you up and triggers a lack of resilience within you and how to get ahead of these things
  • How I took the worst moments of my life, reframed them and bounced back and how YOU can too.

  • START the year doing something for YOU
  • FEEL ready to start the year
  • SEE yourself confidently dealing with life tough times
  • HEAR yourself being a total badass & coming back stronger 


What you'll get it:

  1. A kick ass webinar that you can watch over again
  2. A printable workbook 
  3. A FREE BONUS resilience meditation

What next?

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  • Print out your workbook and watch your webinar


Who am I am why I can talk about resilience?

'In just the space of the last 10 years I have been chucked a heap of stuff to bounce back from, including 2 premature babies, finding out I had a rare auto immune disease called Antiphospholipid syndrome, my 3 month old getting meningitis, my husbands grade 4 brain cancer diagnosis, which resulted in 2 brain surgeries, chemotherapy, radio therapy, seizures and my husbands eventual death in 2017.

It's been a tough few years but alongside it all has been some incredible highs and tons of love. 

Resilience and bounce back is my 'thing' and imma give you all the nuggets in this webinar to help you get off on the right foot this year, cos lets be real we ALL have to walk through some tough stuff and during a GLOBAL pandemic, we probably need it more than we ever have.'

Holly Matthews

✔️Former UK TV actress (Waterloo Road, The Bill, Casualty, Byker Grove)

✔️No BS Self development coach 

✔️NLP Practitioner and qualified life coach

✔️Founder of The Happy Me Project an online and (usually) in person workshop and set of online courses. I help people to feel more happy and less crappy.

✔️I’m a Mum of 2 girls (Brooke 9 and Texas 7) they’re ace, I’m a fan!

✔️In 2017, my amazing husband Ross died of a brain tumour and life got very different for me, but I channelled my grief into support of others and facing my reality head on

✔️I released a single at 18 under the name Summer Matthews, appearing on TOTPS, MTV and Disney

✔️My Ted Talk ‘Tough luck- why accepting life’s unfairness will set you free' was one of my highlights of last few years

✔️My award winning (fancy I know) YouTube channel has over 1.3 million views

✔️I’m a tiny human 5ft1, UK size 6, meaning I have to scramble on surfaces to reach things, a lot!

✔️I’ve been on the Lorraine Kelly show in the U.K. a lot over the last few years discussing grief and The Happy Me Project 

✔️I was asked my Psychologies Magazine to blog for their  Life Labs platform

✔️In 2020 I was nominated for a Great British Entrepreneur Award 

Everything else can be Googled and if you can’t find me online, then your internet is broken

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