Bossing it! Academy Kids

Learn how to teach your children the Law of Attraction, so they can be happy, relaxed kids and grow into fabulous adults.

Hello you wonderful parent!

Being a parent that is seeking to help their children with positivity and being able to be strong enough to create a life they love, makes you pretty dam special!

We are so glad you are here and grateful that you are bringing up your children in a way that benefits everyone.

After the success of our adult academy Bossing it! academy we had many parents asking if we would be doing something for children and so this is it!

You see children are little sponges, (as you well know) and they are far better at understanding their own power and bouncing back from things, than we are as adults.

You only have to watch a 2 year old have a tantrum and the mix of painful emotions that go on in that, which suddenly vanish at the mention of their favourite stuffed toy, or Dad doing a silly dance to make them laugh, to understand that!

So bossing it! Kids is a guide to help you as a parent to keep that beautiful positive mind intact and help your growing human to be able to bounce back from everything life will throw their way.

The course is aimed at 5-11 year olds but Holly, as a Mum of a 3 year old, does everything with her daughter, that we teach in here (better to start em' young, hey?!)

In your mini course you will get:

  • An ebook guide on explaining the Law of attraction and positive thinking. Plus a way to explain this to your children in terms they understand. 
  • The Ebook will also contain a guide on Affirmations and tons of affirmations to get your children to use. The affirmations cover, School life, making friends, being happy, being calm, getting what you want in life and tons more.
  • A visualisations script book for you to read with your children
  • Audios of the visualisations in the book, for you to listen to with your children
  • A video demo of Holly doing the visualisations with her daughter Texas to guide you.
  • A 'bigger kids' ebook which you can give to them to explain how the Law of Attraction works, in a fun and magical way they understand.
  • The Happy Hedgehog and The Moody Mouse story book- a beautiful tale of to woodland creatures and how living a positive life, can give you everything you want.
  • Audio of The Happy Hedgehog and The Moody Mouse 
  • A Games book. In this book you will be given tried and tested games that help to get your children thinking in a more positive way. these games are great fun and designed to fit into your daily life.  We have found the parents often benefit as much from these as the children and they are a fantastic way to bond with your kids.

*As a BONUS, you will also get access to our private bossing it! academy Facebook Group, where you can meet like minded people and get regular LIVE coaching sessions and content. We also have quite a few celebrities in there too, who have been going through our academy.

We are giving you all of this for just £30 and that price wont be going up.

This is a lovely gift for you and your children and to those of you that jump on in and join us, we salute you! You rock as parents!

So if you want children who;

  • Are kind
  • Thoughtful
  • Have empathy for others
  • Are happy and understand that dwelling on things wont help them 
  • Who appreciate what they have, as well as striving to be the best they can be
  • Love learning
  • Want to be the best they can be
  • Grow up to be fantastic adults

Then click to enrol now!

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We look forward to seeing you in there.

Positive parents UNITE!

Course Syllabus

Bossing it! Academy Kids- Guide Ebook

In this book parents will learn the basics of the Law of Attraction and positive thinking, plus ways to explain it to their children. The Ebook also contains work on Affirmations and example affirmations in areas such as confidence, being happy, school life and friendships.

Bossing it! Academy PDF for Bigger kids

A PDF you can print off and give to your older children. This will give a deeper understanding into the law of Attraction and positive thinking in a way which is child friendly and fun.

Visualisations For kids

In this Unit you will get a PDF with Visualisations for Kids scripts to read to your children and audios for when you want to listen with them.

The Happy Hedgehog & The Moody Mouse

Listen and read the story of The Happy Hedgehog & The Moody Mouse who teach us how living a positive life is the best way to be. A great guide to explaining positive mindset to your children.

Bossing it! Academy- Kids, Games

In this unit you will receive an ebook full of games to play with your children, to help promote positive thinking and teach them that they can be strong, loving, kind and have empathy for others.