Bossing It! Academy

This 6 week, Law of attraction, self development academy is here to help you create the life you want. No fluff, no BS, no magic bean strategies, you are not a victim, you are a creator, let us help you see that!

Hello friend, we are so pleased to see you! Let us explain more about our academy and how we can help you create the life you want, the life you deserve!

What is it?

A 6 week, online self development course, that cuts the crap and gets to the core of what you really need to create the life that you really want!

This is self development with BITE.

In this academy you will learn how to attract positivity into your life and swerve around the challenges that spring up. You will be guided to create the life you have always wanted and taught how feel grateful and happy, regardless of where you are currently at.

Who is it for?

  • YOU, if you have a fire in your belly, but can't seem to unleash it
  • YOU, if you feel like you're hitting a brick wall with your life, and can't seem to get the things that you want.
  • YOU, if you want to create an awesome life!
  • YOU, if you feel 'enough's enough', and are tired of feeling held back by self-doubt and fear, and are ready to take a big, scary leap and see what you're capable of.
  • YOU, if you feel like the manic modern world is holding you back from being AWESOME. 
  • YOU, if you feel overwhelmed by the constant chaos of life and want to focus on finding your path amongst all the noise.
  • YOU, if you want to feel what you do matters.
  • YOU, if you feel excited by the possibilities of life, but overwhelmed by which path to take.
  • YOU, if you want to change direction and create a life you love!
  • YOU, if you be the best possible version of YOU!

OK, so exactly what do I get?

  • Weekly webinars, with your theme for the week.
  • Daily audios, to get you in the right frame of mind for the day.
  • A techniques e-book, with techniques you can use to stay focused and positive during and after the 6 weeks.
  • The Bossing It! ebook, which gives you everything you have learnt in a visual format.
  • Weekly short videos, with themes to help keep your mindset on track
  • A guide to Affirmations and Affirmation examples
  • The 'Oh sh*t' audios for those times of high stress
  • Your Bossing It! workbook, with a journal to fill out daily
  • Certificate on completion of the full 6 weeks
  • Access to our PRIVATE Facebook community
  • A tried and tested 6 week programme that is used by celebrities and influencers


Who on earth are we?

Holly Matthews

✔️I am a TV actress, Vlogger, Mindset coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner
✔️I'm a Mum/Mom of 2 girls (Brooke is 5, Texas is 3)
✔️I'm English which means I drink sh*t loads of tea
✔️I was signed to Sony as a singer at 18
✔️I hate mushrooms
✔️I lost my wonderful husband to brain cancer in July 2017
✔️I love Law in Order, special victims unit
✔️I have over 1.5 million views on YouTube
✔️A video of my daughter shouting at the UK Prime Minister went viral
✔️I'm often seen carrying a hot water bottle, as I'm eternally cold
✔️I'm a tiny human 5ft1 47kg
✔️I f*cking love my life (and swearing!)

Oh and I'm verified on Twitter, that's a total tick in the box, surely! 

Caroline Hardwick

✔️Life Coach
✔️Law of Attraction Practitioner
✔️Total cat lady, I'd have 100, I can't turn them away!
✔️My Mum died of cancer after 20 years of living with it, with me by her side.
✔️I was once the 'face of my local uni and on all the city buses.
✔️I suffered severe post natal depression.
✔️I love my life and helping others is my passion!

You see, we aren't THOSE self development guru types, who tell you how easy it is to live a HAPPY life, whilst sipping cocktails on a beach and sniggering all the way to the bank.

We both came from a working class background, in one of the poorest parts of the UK, we have both had sh*t go down in our lives and we have both worked out how to be happy and create a life we love, on our own terms.

We are both OBSESSED with helping others to live on their terms too and we only win if you win!

So how does the bossing it! academy work?

  1. You place your order
  2. You will be emailed your link to login and set up your account
  3. You will then have access to your entire 6 week academy and able to begin straight away.
  4. You will be given access to our private Facebook group where you can connect with others in the academy and us! (we can't wait to meet you!)
  5. You begin working through week 1, as set out for you and continue through to week 6.
  6. Every part of the academy is set out for you, with LIFETIME ACCESS and you can go back to it, whenever you need it.

Now you are probably in a place where you are in one of three places (*that's my pondering face above!):

  1. You're thinking, 'nah, I'll go it alone, I'll Google stuff and I'll be fine!' I hear you, but it lacks accountability and there will be no one around to keep you on track. I did this for far too long and I wasted my time. I don't want you to waste your time.
  2. You're unsure, you need more questions answered and you've never done anything like this before, so you're feeling nervous. Nerves are good! Nerves mean you are going to do something that will push you out of that comfort zone, nerves mean you're trying really hard to make some changes. I'm going to pop some FAQ below too, so you can get started now.
  3. You are more than ready to join the academy and you might have even skipped this bit to enrol. We cannot wait to watch you achieve everything you want and we cannot wait to Skype call you when you finish and have a little celebration! ENROL NOW!


What if I finish the 6 weeks and I don't feel any better?

We cannot do this for you and only you know whether you will truly take on board what you are being taught. If you use the techniques we are teaching you and jump into our supportive Facebook community too, you will achieve anything you want to achieve. We will merely be there to hold your hand and be there to cheers you on, like a couple of northern cheerleaders!

How long do I have access to the course?

Life time access. This is for you to come back to whenever you need it.

When can I start? Right now! Don't wait any longer. You can start as soon as you enrol. You will get instant access and then once we have made contact and you tell us you have started, we will book in your 6 weekly Skype session.

I have never done anything like this before, will this be for me?Definitely! This academy is for you if you are ready to live a happy and fulfilling life. You don't have to know anything about self development, that's the point, we want this to be understandable to all and if you don't understand anything, you just pop into the PRIVATE Facebook group and ask us to explain further.

Don't just take our word for how awesome the academy is though.

Check out some of these posts from current members...

We have also been featured in The Daily Mirror, BBC radio and Radio Plus...

You are not here by accident, listen to your gut and lets get started.

Don't wait any longer, to live the dream life and be happy!


Course Syllabus

Welcome to Week 1

In this first week we will be laying the foundations. You are about to change your life, so we need to start looking at where you are at, right now. We will look at the basic principles of the Law of attraction and how you can start making changes immediately!

Let's Go Week 2!

In this week we dig a little deeper, we look at the TRAPS that we fall into when we begin working on our mindset and why MOST people fail. We will be talking affirmations and taking action!

Week 3 is here!

Well this week we are getting EMOTIONAL, we are going to look closer at our thoughts and emotions and what they all mean. We will talk about how to move yourself from feelings of despair, to feelings of joy.

Week 4 is here!

In this week we begin by UNLEARNING, then spotting the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and kicking those crappy beliefs out of here!

Week 5 are you ready?

This week is about love and gratitude, what a wonderful week it is too. We will be changing our focus and seeing the world through a different filter.

The Final Week

This week we set you up for your continuing journey, but we begin by discussing forgiveness and letting go of things you must let go of, in order to create your best life!
"The bossing it! academy is mint, I can't wait to get started!" — Chelsea Halfpenny, Actress-Emmerdale and BBC Casualty
"Great academy!" — Aaron Sidwell, Actor- Steven beale, Eastenders
"I am so excited to be part of this experience. Life can be really challenging and for people who want to get out there and face it head on, much of the self improvement literature can be pretentious, confusing and often off-putting. Holly and Caroline's approach is so straightforward, I have a feeling it will be a huge hit" — Louise Hulland, TV Presenter and producer
"Well what can I say about this amazing, strong lady… I don’t think I have enough space to write it all. Seriously though, this diamond has not only been a very good friend of mine she has been my rock!! I’ve only known Holly for almost 2 years now and she has had a massive impact on my life. I mean MASSIVE!!! I wouldn’t be the person I am today, if it wasn’t for her… I am so truly grateful for all you’ve done, all that you teach Holly. Seriously Massive thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am ready to start the bossing it! academy" — Carrie Doyle, Business owner and mumpreneur
"I met Holly 4 years ago. Throughout the years I have gone to Holly for guidance on a range of subjects, from how to decorate my house, to how to launch my career! She has always encouraged me to be happy being who I am & love what I do. I am now 23 & feel I have come on leaps and bounds, since meeting Holly at 18. Anyone would be lucky to work with her, She has a special spark, that brings out the best in people! I have already booked my place in the bossing it! academy!" — Shannon Finan, Business Woman, Mental Health Activist and Personal Trainer
"Even though I've had some tough hurdles to get over recently, because of the bossing it! academy I feel really positive going forward. I feel like I can do and be anything right now cos I'm bossing it!" — Sarah Jayne Honeywell, Actress, Presenter & Award Winning blogger
Before the academy I had no confidence at all. I hated looking in the mirror and when I did all I saw was a big, fat, ugly, mess. I also thought that because I didn't love myself, my husband couldn't love me. I imagined that when he looked at another woman, he wished I looked like that. I hated going anywhere with him. Not once did he make me feel like my thoughts were right, it was all in my head and it ruled me. BUT NOT NOW! I now love how I look. I'm more confident, if someone looks at me, I smile and I now believe my husband loves me. I'm stronger and I have even started my own business. Before bossing it! I would not have had the confidence to make that work. Now I feel I can do whatever I want to, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I had been seeing a physiotherapist for the tension in my shoulders and back, which caused me headaches, but thats all behind me now. I'm not superwoman, but now I feel like I have some kind of power! — Charlotte Randall-Pape, Mumpreneur
Holly really is a bloody brilliant Law of Attraction coach!! She's a no bullsh*t, straight talker like me! I have done the academy myself and would 1000% recommend it.. So get involved!!! — Tanya Smith, Health and Mindset Coach
'The Bossing it academy is by far the best opportunity that has come my way. I have spent the last couple of years reading self development books, and though I understood what was being said it never really clicked. But this Academy has made all of it clear to me, I am learning that small daily changes will contribute to my future success and change my life for the better. I was a person who could get very stressed very quickly and allow the smallest things to effect me in such a negative manner. In the space of a few weeks I am far more positive, my mind is clearing of all the rubbish, I am finding myself and who I truely am and finding happiness with my life in the Now. Holly and Caroline are the best mentors I could have ever asked for, they know their stuff and are dedicated to helping all of us in the academy learn. — Leila Ellis, Actress
The bossing it! academy is fantastic for those who are new to the law of attraction. I use the law of attraction in my own life and was surprised at how much new information and techniques I learnt during the 6 weeks. I love how it keeps you on track everyday with something new to think about and the workbook makes it so much easier to put it into practise. I loved every second of this academy and highly recommend it to all. Thank you girls — Francesca West, Mum Boss
Holly has been an incredible inspiration since I first heard her speak in 2014 so I expected the bossing it academy to be good. I was wrong. It's been absolutely awesome!! A breath of fresh air adding great fun, style, honesty, sense of humour and a beautiful smile to a profession usually full of suits and smart arses. A genuine care for others. The only lady I know that can give an arse kicking and a cuddle at the same time!! — Natasha Shingles, Network Marketing Leader & Blogger
'I honestly think it is a wonderful opportunity to give yourself the biggest break and focus your mind in a positive, constructive way. Holly and Caroline give tools that you can actually put into practice and see the results. Like a physical work out, when you're lost, trying the same routine isn't effective, sometimes you need a structure and focus. The Bossing It academy offers that structure and focus for the mind's workout and wellbeing. I highly recommend the academy and it's inspiring leaders.' — Lauren Drummond, Actress- Holby City/Waterloo Road