Welcome to my world!

Hello you lovely lot! Massive welcome to my world of online courses. Everything you get here, I have put together by drinking lots of cups of coffee, staying up late, collaborating with awesome people and basically making sure these are THE BEST online courses out there!

Hello you lot, 

Few facts about me:
✔️I am a former TV Actress, Vlogger, self development coach & founder of The Happy Me Project
✔️I'm a Mum/Mom of 2 girls (Brooke is 10, Texas is 8)
✔️I'm English which means I drink sh*t loads of tea
✔️I was signed to Sony as a singer at 18 & appeared on MTV
✔️I hate mushrooms
✔️My husband Ross died of brain cancer in July 2017
✔️I love Law in Order, special victims unit
✔️I have over 2.5 million views on YouTube
✔️A video of my daughter shouting at the UK Prime Minister went viral in 2016
✔️I'm often seen carrying a hot water bottle, as I'm eternally cold
✔️I'm a tiny human 5ft1 46kg, which means my life is scrambling on surfaces
✔️I f*cking love my life, even with the hard bits (and swearing!)

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